Superior Paving Corp. Benefits From Greater Project Intelligence

Superior Paving Corp. is Northern Virginia’s premier paving and asphalt provider for clients including VDOT and several county transportation authorities in Virginia. The company has thrived for the last 40 years due to their focus on putting customers first and their ability to embrace innovation and change.

The team’s most recent investment in innovation is a project intelligence platform to better monitor and facilitate communication and approvals on projects from bidding to close. The results have been remarkable in keeping projects on schedule and reducing their risk. Recently they were in a position of dealing with a soft grade base on a project scheduled for paving that day. Instead of waiting upwards of 48 hours for a foreman meeting to occur they easily captured and sent project intelligence of site conditions as photos and videos to the prime contractor foreman and within hours received a signed waiver acknowledging the conditions and allowing them to continue work without liability.

“The ability to document high-quality photos and videos of the project site before we started work allowed us to defer paving on an area which was improperly prepped. The impact was huge! Materials alone would have been $100k cost, that doesn’t even include the equipment, labor or opportunity costs.”
– Mike Boyd, General Manager Northern Region, Superior Paving Corp.

This project intelligence platform provides them with a streamlined system to communicate site conditions and receive owner sign off before work is started. This communication trail is automatically archived and easily searchable if needed in the future. These are game-changing capabilities for the materials contractor because they reduce risk and give them a competitive edge during the bidding process. The ability to document site conditions prior to the bidding process and provide compelling data that highlights the challenges in current site conditions is a smart and effective way to justify a bid amount and shows impressive due diligence to the owner as part of a bid package.

“Investing in innovative technology like HeadLight gives us the tools needed to observe, document and archive project details, such as site conditions and material delays, enabling us to provide superior outcomes for our clients. It’s a value add that really differentiates us from our competition.”
– David White, VP of Operations, Superior Paving Corp.

The HeadLight Project Intelligence platform helps you defend claims, accelerate delivery and increase accountability through one central hub that unites all your team members for smarter collaboration and intelligent decision-making.


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