Time for a Change

It’s time for a change. Our industry needs it, and the people that rely on us demand it. Now, more than anytime ever before transportation construction teams have a clear path to adopting innovation that will leave us wondering, “how did we ever do this before?” The old way of doing things coupled with the old guard mentality that we’ve done it this way for 20 years, why change now, simply will not withstand the changes that are coming over the next 5 years. Nevertheless, our industry’s sensitivities to risk, public scrutiny and change create a culture that avoids any sort of can be viscerally opposed to the transitions that are coming in the near term–including innovative technology tools.

The thinking that perpetuating legacy processes will, somehow, give organizations the capabilities that are needed to keep up in delivering indispensable assets is quickly dying as the industry continues to struggle to find talent and expertise while program budgets grow. With a new generation coming into the workforce it is essential to remember that this group of workers have grown up with technology and for them its availability to facilitate processes is integral and expected.


Adopting technology is not just about innovation for innovation’s sake–it’s about progressing transportation construction forward and moving the needle to mitigate risk and boost productivity. Taking a legacy system and putting those same processes on the web will not solve our problems. Nor will taking that piece of paper and putting its PDF sibling in a file folder.

Taking our processes and flipping them on their heads to create massive efficiencies, real-time collaboration, and unparalleled insights because the technology is finally here and, more importantly, the will to change is here…that is what will take our industry from where we are to where we need to be.

And all that’s required are a few strong leaders to realize that it is time for a change…followed by action that allows their respective organizations to make the time, and the resources to facilitate that change.

And 5 years from now, our whole industry will collectively be able to look back and say, “how did we ever do this before?”

Change is here. To embrace it or run from it will shape where your organization will be 5 years from now…that decision starts today.

The transportation construction industry has a long way to go when it comes to comprehensive technology adoption. However, even the smallest process changes and technology adoptions are starting to pay off in big, fundamental ways for leading-edge teams.

Organizations now have proof from their peers to the benefits of moving their infrastructure construction teams away from pen and paper processes but many remain confused by the multiple types of technology available and the benefits of each.

Download this quick guide to learn the 7 key benefits data first technology can provide that a PDF form filler tool cannot.

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