What’s New

Report Cache: Once a report is Approved, the version of the report the reviewer saw will be locked to that report. Meaning anytime it is viewed after that point, the report will look exactly the same, regardless of configuration changes! So make sure the report appears exactly as you would like it to appear before Approving! If updates need to be made to an Approved report, you would follow the workflow for updating an Approved Report.

Updates & Enhancements

Check Sync 1, 2… Check Sync 1, 2: We made improvements from front to back with sync, including new verification checkpoints that have been added to ensure that the whole process runs more smoothly. Yes, that means that observation edits shouldn’t disappear now, and Report status should match between the Web & iOS after each sync.

Selection overload?!: We have brought over the distilling functionality from the Work Items observation for projects that are setup with additional contract information. If your project Contract information is setupin HeadLight, selecting a Contractor will limit the available items to select to the ones the selected Contractor have been approved to work. This goes the opposite way when you select a Bid Item or Line Item, the available Contractors to select will be limited to those that are linked with that item.

Disabled User You will now see an error message when attempting to log into Fieldbook as a disabled user.

What error message? We’ve improved error messaging throughout the app to better inform you what may have gone wrong, as well as automatically let our team know when issues occur.

You may also notice observations showing up in your journal feed that start with the title “Sync Error: Obs Locked”. These represent a new solution to deal with version conflicts between iPad(s) and the web.

In some cases, edits may be made to an observation from multiple locations, or to an observation that was recently marked Approved in a report. When this occurs, HeadLight will create an observation called “Sync Error: Obs Locked: **ORIGINAL_OBSERVATION_TITLE” with the current time and date. This allows the inspector to determine which version is correct and make the appropriate changes.

Don’t lose your place! (Web) Opening a form to Edit will now open a new tab on Web allowing you to easily refer back to the observations that you have included with the form and not lose your place!

New Audio/Video UI, who dis? (Web) Cleaned up the user interface for Audio & Video observations to make them easier to interact with, as well as play the included media when viewing the observations in detail view.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: (Web) – Observations viewed in “zoom”/detail view can’t be edited – so we have added a lock in this view to show this. You can still edit outside of zoom view, as usual.

Fixed: (Web) – We have resolved an issue that caused users to be unable to play a video that was included in a locked/approved report. Play away.

Fixed: (Web) – We have resolved an issue where the video observation toolbar didn’t always appear. It’s been coaxed back to where it belongs and will be staying put for the foreseeable future.

Fixed: (Web) – Freeze/Hide wasn’t persisting between projects. This has now been resolved. *pats trusty freeze-ray*

Fixed: (Web) – It’s now possible to hide unused fields in the Weather Spreadsheet.

Fixed: (Web) – An issue with delayed “save” of spreadsheet changes has been resolved.

Fixed: (Web) – A small notch appearing on “Search” tab has been put back in line. “Notch” on our watch!

Fixed: (Web/iOS) – The weather icons have updated to accept unknown/new weather conditions presented by the third-party weather API. The dreaded “sunny with a side of hailstones” combo act might ruin your day, but it won’t ruin a report.

Fixed: (Web) – The missing links to Academy tutorials have been located and restored. The back button should also be working correctly once more. Back to basics!

Fixed: (Web) In the Journal view, newly added tags weren’t getting added in the dropdown until after refresh. We’ve requested that they pick up the pace.

Fixed: (Web) Only today’s reports are downloaded in batch export when user filter is set with no date filter

Fixed: (Web) Cloning in filtered view: Only observations in view are getting cloned

Fixed: (Web) Issues uploading audio/video (could not upload, or did not allow play until refresh)

Fixed: (Web) Previously, emailing or downloading spreadsheet observations may have not worked properly

Fixed: (Web) Pressing “enter” should make a new line in the description, or “return” you to the start of a new line.

Fixed: (Web) Fixed: Using “enter” or “return” will start a new line when editing observation descriptions.

Fixed: (Web & iOS) Fixed: Number of observations included in a report was incorrectly limited to 250. This limit has been removed.

Fixed: (iOS) Fixed: Accidentally deleted observations will display as expected on the iPad when they are restored. Like magic!

Fixed: (iOS) Authorization sync upon logging in has been made more efficient.

Fixed: (iOS) Label types that are hidden from a project found their way onto projects on the iPad. We improved their invisibility cloaks so they won’t appear where they aren’t wanted.

Fixed: (iOS) Report status should now sync properly between Web & the iPad each time the iPad completes a sync.

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