HeadLight Headlines (July 2021)

Recently, I had the honor of contributing an article to Construction Executive Disruption Within Construction: Is Infrastructure the New Frontier for Innovation that was largely inspired by the great work I have had the privilege to witness at our client organizations. From drone surveying, to digital twins, to tools that help organizations optimize their materials tracking processes, HeadLight clients are some of the most innovative in the industry.

As the world begins to open back up it has been an absolute privilege to travel and meet with our customers in person. We’ve enjoyed visits with ALDOT, RIDOT, LA Metro, CTDOT and LADOTD in recent weeks and learned so much about their current construction challenges and the ways innovation can help these organizations succeed. We have some exciting new developments in the works and can’t wait to share them in the coming months. One of the ways we keep in touch is through social media and we would be honored to have you follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

As always thank you for your partnership and please reach out if we can be of service.

George White, Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Schuyler, Construction Engineer, Hill International

The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) extension project, a $4B investment to construct approximately 14.5 miles of light rail between downtown Seattle and Redmond is a much anticipated project for the traveling public of Seattle and surrounding areas. Chris Schuyler, Construction Engineer at Hill International has been intimately involved in the project from its beginning and noted early on the value Hill could provide to Sound Transit in improving stakeholder communications, increasing project status visibility and reducing risk through innovations, including HeadLight. To date Chris’ team has collected over 60,000 observations with HeadLight ensuring a rich record of high quality project data for his team and project stakeholders. Way to go Chris!

“One of the main benefits we’ve realized with HeadLight is the ability to keep many different groups of people informed on construction progress with little administrative effort. Instead of having to dig for specific photos and reports, Sound Transit and other stakeholders can simply log into HeadLight and immediately see everything that happened that day.”

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Upcoming meetings, trade shows and webinars

We are thrilled with the long awaited opportunity to hit the road to see clients and meet with new partners in person! We hope to see you soon. 







WASHTO 2021 Conference



Customer Update

Partner onboarding and training

Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to be onsite conducting in-person training sessions and bootcamps with several clients. We are proud of the way our partners rose to the challenge of virtual training over the last year but nothing beats being together live and we are so grateful to be on the road again.

Great training session at LA Metro to deploy Fieldbook!

"I told my RE if I didn’t have HeadLight he would have to hire two more inspectors for a job this size."

- Jose Martins, Inspector, RIDOT

Successful field training on a beautiful stretch of road with UDOT!

HeadLight in the News


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Name: Chelsea Merrill

Title: Director, Transportation Market Development

What sport do you love to watch and which team do you root for?

Basketball, my team is the Sacramento Kings (even if they never make the playoffs).

What is your favorite quote?

“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be”
- Elizabeth Gilbert

What is the best part about working at HeadLight?

Best part of working in both the transportation industry and this company are the people! As vast as the transportation network is, it’s really a small community of people who dedicate their lives to making sure we all have access to the food, housing, healthcare, education, services, people and recreation that makes life worth living. I think it’s because of the shared passion and values of the professionals in our community that I have continued to be honored and excited to work with so many mentors, colleagues, and dear friends.
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