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Both say the trench has inadequate shoring.

Capture InterpretAct

That’s the power of HeadLight

Visual Documentation: Photos treated as a core component is powerful because it allows teams to capture more data and communicate jobsite status clearer than a form-based system ever could.


Real-Time: In 5 minutes, over your morning cup of coffee, you’ll know what’s happening on the jobsite as easily as you would check your facebook feed.


Data First: Provides the flexibility required to share information in multiple formats to serve the needs of all project stakeholders.


Risk Mitigation: Enables a better way to capture observations with a documented ability to defend against claims and quality related issues.

Curious How Photo-Based Inspection Works?

HeadLight modernizes the way you manage projects allowing your entire project team to capture, interpret and act with speed and accuracy. Watch this quick overview to learn how.

Who Benefits from Photo-Based Inspection Technology?

Thousands of current infrastructure projects are using Headlight for their inspection needs.


The key to any successful infrastructure project is the ability to capture, interpret and act on data at every stage by everyone involved on the project. The question is how does everyone involved inspect progress simply, easily and in complete concert with one another? HeadLight ensures everyone sees exactly what they need to see when they need to see it.

See how our leading-edge clients inspect, respond and verify using HeadLight to bring greater intelligence to their projects.

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Iconic Seattle Waterfront Project Gets Project Intelligence Boost

Construction Managers


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