HeadLight Customer Experience

The HeadLight Customer Experience team provides a unique approach to technology training because it specializes in bridging gaps between the business of infrastructure construction and the technology that supports it. We have a long and successful track record in addressing the technology needs of transportation construction organizations and managing some of their most critical deployment initiatives. We offer a full range of change management, training, support, and IT consulting services. As a HeadLight client you are a valued partner and we define our success based on the success of your deployment, adoption and ROI results.

A HeadLight partnership includes the following training and support services:



Technology hardware and software configuration, team kick-off meeting and goal setting.

The success of any technology deployment project depends first on what you know before you begin and careful preparation of the product to ensure a smooth deployment. Our process guides your team through proven methods in helping you quickly and effectively determine how to define, execute and achieve objectives that lead to success. After those have been defined our product experts configure HeadLight to meet the needs of your specific project prior to deployment.


HeadLight and mobile device training as well as best practices for process change management.

When it comes to training and support, the HeadLight Customer Experience team are the industry experts – hands down. Our programs are engaging and effective and our learning plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization, be it a few individuals, a small project group, or an enterprise deployment to hundreds of users. Our methods are proven and our instructors are the best in the industry at communicating technology and process changes to infrastructure construction teams. Our goal is to deliver a deployment program that achieves the success criteria we line out together smoothly and efficiently such that business goals can be exceeded.


Technology support services when you need it.

As a valued partner our support does not end at deployment. We offer comprehensive ongoing support services for HeadLight and HeadLight Mobile Inspection Units. Email, phone and onsite support are available as well as web-based, on-demand training through the HeadLight Academy.

Post Deployment

Progress and adoption assessments with custom coaching guides based on the results.

Progress and adoption assessments are vital to understanding how technology adoption and user engagement influences your construction program business goals. Defining success and how it will be measured is crucial to the success of any innovation initiative and is most effective when it is custom built for the organization. We have over 18 years of experience conducting meaningful assessments for many types of training programs specific to transportation construction. With the HeadLight team as a partner, we will conduct regular status calls and provide your team with various tools and guides to continuously improve team and individual performance.

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