One picture is worth a thousand words.

Our world has become increasingly photo-based, from cameras in our phones to social media platforms built entirely around photography. So why are we still using pen and paper to manage our multi-million dollar infrastructure projects? With HeadLight, you can take one picture, write a caption from the field and share it instantly with the entire project team. Instead of writing out five pages of notes detailing a crack in the foundation, you can simply take a photo that shows what’s happening. If inspection is about looking closely, then what better way to do that than through a photo?

For Owners

Reduce risk, streamline reporting and gain greater visibility into all your projects. HeadLight combines dynamic collaboration with intuitive tools to provide powerful benefits, like accelerated project delivery, increased accountability and a photo-rich chronicle of every project under your management.


For CM Firms

Simplify communication and save up to 38 hours per month in administrative work. HeadLight makes construction teams more efficient and gives managers better, real-time reporting and risk mitigation tools that owners appreciate. Better work, done more efficiently, means on-time and on-budget delivery.


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