Empower Decision Making, Eliminate data silos, and Automate Workflows

We know ensuring your data is easily accessible and properly secured is a vital part of your business process. At HeadLight, our customers own their data and we want to make sure they have the ability to access it in the way that best suits their workflows. Easily connect your data with other construction software to reduce error rates and eliminate manual processes.

“Integrating Fieldbook to our project management tool has reduced the time our inspectors spend copying notes into forms and virtually eliminated errors.”

- Project Manager, State DOT

Set up a real-time connection between your project management software and Fieldbook with a Live Connect integration. Ensure the data captured in Fieldbook is bi-directionally synced with your platform of choice and automatically populates each observation, report, and form.
Maximize the impact of the observations you collect by automatically exporting data to other business systems or generate reports on automated schedules. Cloud Connect allows you to automate report downloads and media extracts in a user-defined format.
Every HeadLight customer has the ability to download their data in a flat-file, at any time. Giving you the ability to create static, digital copies of every observation, report, and form from Fieldbook.
  • Increase productivity by entering data once and end populating it to multiple systems
  • Say goodbye to data silos by integrating Fieldbook data with your project management and accounting solutions
  • Keep stakeholders informed with automated extract of reports, such as daily work reports or bid items report summaries
  • Quickly download project data and retain it in the system of your choice.
  • Quickly import structured data into other systems when bi-directional integration are not required
  • Downloads include all text, data tables, metadata, observation types, photos, audio, and video files.

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