Lead the way in managing Covid-19 Infrastructure Construction Challenges

Limited budgets, productivity challenges, and requirements for adherence to health protocols have become the new normal but the most innovative transportation agencies have a plan!


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“StreetsLA is piloting a new technology called HeadLight for street inspections that can eliminate person-to-person contact at the worksite and ensures that City construction projects can move forward without delay, while keeping workers safe.”

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A recent whitepaper sponsored by HeadLight …

Five Rules that Ensure Resilient and Successful Project Construction through COVID-19 and Beyond.

… contains 5 practical, REAL WORLD approaches that will guide construction companies on how to navigate through these turbulent times.


The whitepaper includes guidance on how to:
  • Introduce and Enforce New Safety Mandates on the Construction Site.
  • Pivot Away from Status Quo Processes.
  • Lower Operational Budgets and Still Operate at the Maximum Possible Capacity.
  • Ramp Up Productivity and Enhance Team Collaboration.
  • Minimize Person to Person Contact using Visual-based Inspection Technology.

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HeadLight helps increase the effectiveness and accountability of construction projects by facilitating real-time capturing and shareation of jobsite data, allowing construction teams to act immediately from an informed position.

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Over the past 15 years, we have partnered with multiple DOTs, engineering firms, contractors, and industry-related material companies to make communication, collaboration, and site inspection easy, safe, and compliant, even without stepping foot on the site.



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