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Pen and paper field reports are now a thing of the past. As the industry’s leading visual-based inspection technology, HeadLight modernizes the way you capture, share and act on projects.  In an increasingly competitive environment, leading CEI firms are relying on HeadLight to save 38 hours per month in administrative work. That means they can be in the field monitoring projects 25% more than competitors.

How HeadLight Works

Today, owners require comprehensive project documentation and risk avoidance plans from their partners. The ability to effectively deliver on these requirements can be a key differentiator. Investing in new collaboration and reporting tools like HeadLight enables you to provide clients with an information “safety net” that gives them greater confidence in your firm.

Stand out from the competition by offering owners superior project delivery and reduced risk with HeadLight.

  • Capture, share and act on data in real-time. The more data that’s collected from the field, across projects, the more your team can understand similarities, differences, or areas of opportunity, both now and in the future. HeadLight enables teams to use data to document experiences and share stories that demonstrate their effectiveness.
  • Increase time onsite. An investment in HeadLight means you gain significantly more time with eyes on the job than competitors. Reduced admin work (38 extra hours per month per inspector!) allows inspectors to spend more time onsite.
  • Visual source of truth. CEI firms appreciate anything that helps you, and your clients, mitigate risk. Unexpected claims or costs can jeopardize business or the business of valued partners. HeadLight offers visual data that documents the entire construction process thereby reducing risk.
  • Value from Day 1. CEI firms value the impact of technology, they also want to make sure it doesn’t create tremendous work to realize its value. With HeadLight’s easy-to-use UI and strong customer support team, executives and, rest assured, their team, will easily transition to use and never look back.

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