HeadLight is the Industry’s Leading Photo-Based Inspection Technology.

Capture, interpret, and act on data from the job site in real-time.

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Both say the trench has inadequate shoring.

Capture InterpretAct

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That’s the power of HeadLight

Improved Communications:  Pictures are worth 1,000 words. HeadLight allows you to quickly and easily convey information and issues from a job site in real-time, saving time, money, and communication issues.


Immediate Impact: Value that starts Day 1. HeadLight’s easy-to-use UI and proven deployment process (both virtual and in the field training programs) ensure customer success and value to every user starting on day one.


Collaboration: Plays well with others. From HeadLight’s open data architecture that allows customers to securely connect data sources between silos, to a service model that adapts to client needs, this is a solution built on collaboration.

Remote Connectivity: See and act from anywhere. No matter where you are, with HeadLight you can be “on the jobsite” — seeing what’s happening in real-time to ensure the highest quality of work.


Proof of Performance: A visual source of truth. As a photo-driven inspection technology, HeadLight offers a visual source of truth that mitigates risk at each step of the construction process. After all, seeing is believing.


More Insight: More data, better projects. By leveraging event-driven data capture, users end up with more data that allows you to see more about your project and catch issues as they arise. In the end, the more you know, the better (and more protected) the project.

Curious How Photo-Based Inspection Works?

HeadLight’s robust data capture, tagging, and search functionality help you easily see progress, identify issues, and uncover insights about your projects — with photos to prove it.

Who Benefits from Photo-Based Inspection Technology?

Over 2,500 current infrastructure projects are using HeadLight for their inspection needs.

Designed for infrastructure construction professionals, HeadLight is a photo-based inspection technology that allows them to capture, interpret, and act on data from the job site in real-time, offering the visual source of truth they need to confidently deliver a total and accurate picture of their work from day one.

Whether identifying issues and mitigating claims or identifying trends and charting a future course, everyone involved in an infrastructure construction project wants the peace of mind and ability to confidently document and deliver a fact-based representation of what’s happened or happening to ensure continued success in the future.

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