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Owner Research on the Effectiveness of Visual-Based Inspection Technology

We are honored to work with partners who conduct and depend on research data to guide their evaluation on the effectiveness of use and ROI expected with a HeadLight deployment. The following resources provide the findings for HeadLight use on projects in Washington State and Louisiana.

Louisiana Department of Transportation

Traditionally, DOTD has relied on a primarily paper-based process for field data collection. Mobile technology (defined as hardware and software that can be used in concert to allow integrated data collection, access to project-related information, and real-time communication capabilities) continues to improve and become more affordable. This research project explored the feasibility of replacing the traditional, paper-based inspection process with a cloud-based, mobile project inspection technology named HeadLight, piloting this technology on over 50 projects across four districts in Louisiana.

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Washington State Department of Transportation

As mobile technology becomes widely available and affordable, transportation agencies can use this technology to streamline operations involved within project inspection. This research, conducted in two phases, identified opportunities for process improvement using mobile technologies and measured the outcomes from incorporating mobile tools as a part of project inspection work. The research also identified additional factors to characterize the use of mobile tools for project inspection.

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Lead the way in managing Covid-19 Infrastructure Construction Challenges

Limited budgets, productivity challenges, and requirements for adherence to health protocols have become the new normal but the most innovative transportation agencies have a plan.

A recent whitepaper sponsored by HeadLight: Five Rules that Ensure Resilient and Successful Project Construction through COVID-19 and Beyond. The report contains 5 practical, REAL WORLD approaches that will guide construction companies on how to navigate through these turbulent times.

The whitepaper includes guidance on how to:

  • Introduce and Enforce New Safety Mandates on the Construction Site.
  • Pivot Away from Status Quo Processes.
  • Lower Operational Budgets and Still Operate at the Maximum Possible Capacity.
  • Ramp Up Productivity and Enhance Team Collaboration.
  • Minimize Person to Person Contact using Visual-based Inspection Technology.

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