Capture. Share. Act.

Delivering transportation construction projects has become increasingly complex. From collaborating with government agencies and construction teams to ensuring compliance and tracking finances, you’ve got a lot on the line. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you manage all this and more. Say hello to HeadLight the industry’s leading visual-based inspection technology.

The Value of HeadLight

The list of needed infrastructure construction improvements is long, and funding and access to resources are huge barriers. We know that owners feel the pressure of that reality daily. Ultimately, you want to protect your organization, team, partners, and the public by designing the best projects and processes for delivering effectiveness and efficiency and understand the need for evolution —especially on the technology side — is necessary for success.



Stand out as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars by offering superior project delivery and reduced risk. Empower teams with HeadLight and see these benefits:

  • Capture, share, and act on data in real-time. Quickly search and find relevant data captured from any project at any time to help discuss issues, find similar projects, and negate claims. Find the needles in the haystacks and connect the dots.
  • More Data. Better Projects. The more data that’s collected from the field, across projects, the more you can understand similarities, differences, or areas of opportunity, both now and in the future.
  • Value from Day 1. Adoption can be nearly instantaneous and users can begin seeing value right away. With hands-on support, it’s a technology solution that will ease teams, not burden them.
  • Visual Source of Truth.HeadLight offers protection through photos. You know you have the necessary documentation to mitigate risk and the ability to get a total picture of your infrastructure construction projects.

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